Sesson Shūkei: A Zen Monk-Painter in Medieval Japan

Sesson Shukei book cover

By Frank Feltens and Yukio Lippit
Contributions by Aaron Rio
Foreword by Shimao Arata

Sesson Shūkei (ca. 1492–1577) stands out as an anomaly in the history of Japanese art. Among the vast canon of Japanese ink painting, Sesson departed from convention. Inspired by the untamed landscape of the eastern regions of Japan, Sesson led a peripatetic existence caused by a lifetime of warfare and upheaval—yet he created some of the most visually striking images in the history of Japanese ink painting. Drawing on new art historical and sociological insights into Japan’s sixteenth century, this book explores new ways of understanding and interpreting one of Japan’s greatest painters and the world that shaped him.

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