Professional Development

detail from an ink painting showing a scholar under a tree in a landscape.

Join us as we engage in creative teaching strategies and explore interdisciplinary curriculum connections focused on the National Museum of Asian Art’s collections and exhibitions. Workshops are designed to help educators who are new to using Asian art in the classroom learn about digital resources and teaching strategies. As a result, teachers will expose their students to new perspectives and will increase their students’ critical and creative thinking skills. Educators will leave each professional development session with ready-to-use classroom resources such as lesson plans, discussion guides, and Learning Lab collections.

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Upcoming Workshops

Educating for Global Competence through Contemporary Art
On-site Teacher Workshop
Saturday, April 29, 2023
2–4:30 p.m.

What are the issues and influences shaping practice and inspiring creativity in Asian art today? Learn about contemporary Japanese artist Ay-Ō, explore Ay-Ō’s Happy Rainbow Hell, and travel to the Hirshhorn Museum to discover how contemporary Chinese artists are influenced by artistic traditions in China. Leave with a Learning Lab Collection featuring resources from the National Museum of Asian Art and the Hirshhorn Museum to engage your learners with contemporary art back in the classroom.

Previous Workshops

Investigating Japan’s Edo Avant Garde
Virtual Teacher Workshop
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
7–9 p.m. ET

Introduce your students to the art of Japan’s Edo period (1603–1868) while connecting with the natural world. Join Linda Hoaglund, project director of Investigating Japan’s Edo Avant Garde, the Smithsonian’s upcoming image-driven K–12 educational website that was inspired by Linda’s film Edo Avant Garde. Website teacher advisors and curriculum writers Angie Stokes and Kachina Leigh will introduce the website resources and classroom-ready lesson plans and will share the site’s innovative approach to teaching art, culture, biodiversity, history, and religions by exploring Edo art.

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Workshops by Request

Are you interested in scheduling a workshop for a group of educators? Does your school district have an upcoming professional development in-service day? National Museum of Asian Art staff will design a menu of workshop choices for you to select to support your specific curricular needs.