Mission & Vision

The National Museum of Asian Art was founded as a forum for cultural exchange where the arts of Asia and the United States could speak to one another and to the public. For the past one hundred years, we have built an institution of excellence and expertise by caring for one of the world’s most important collections of Asian art, organizing dozens of influential exhibitions, and leading the fields of Asian art history, conservation, and conservation science. In our second century, we are building on our strengths to become a national and global resource for understanding Asian arts, cultures, and societies and their intersection with the United States. We will work with global partners to protect cultural heritage, and we will spark dialogue, explore nuance and context, and nourish global citizens.

Vision & Values

The museum is committed to transparency about its history and its collections.

Uplifting Asian and Asian American Voices in Arts and Culture

The museum stands against violence and hatred directed at Asians and Asian Americans in the United States. Here you can find an array of museum resources, including conversations, learning activities, and personal stories that feature inspiring Asian and Asian American artists, performers, and filmmakers. We are committed to highlighting and celebrating Asian and Asian American arts, cultures, and identities, with the goal of fostering understanding and building a more inclusive society.

Your Support Amplifies the Power of Art

You can ensure our collections, programs, and resources remain free and accessible to everyone.

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