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Taking time to examine closely how cultures and communities overlap, inform, and evolve together reveals many different points of view. We invite you to go deeper into the stories and relationships that can be found through our interactive online features.

A view of the Peacock Room with the shudders open, focused on the teal and gold mural of fighting peacocks.

The Peacock Room

Take a virtual step inside and experience this immersive work of art. Access additional resources to delve more deeply into the controversy around its creation, trace the room’s travels from London to Detroit to Washington, DC, and learn more about how the Peacock Room is cared for in its permanent home.

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Recent highlights

  • 3d rendering of an oracle bone (inscribed turtle plastron)

    3D Model: Oracle Bone

    Learn about the divination rituals that were an integral part of Shang kingship and the administration of the state.

  • A dense arrangement of golden figural statues, vessels, altars, and textile wall hangings displayed in a warmly lit, red-colored room.

    Sacred Spaces

    Take a virtual visit and learn more about the Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room.

  • three seated figures, one holding a board with writing, two copying it

    Curatorial Conversations

    Ten graduate students from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, developed these guided close-looking experiences.

  • a traditional japanese style alcove with bamboo and paper screens, a lamp, and the focal point, a hanging scroll.

    Voices of Zen

    High school students from Washington, DC, award-winning koto musician Yumi Kurosawa, Zen priest Reverend Inryū Bobbi Poncé-Barger, and curator Frank Feltens offer their modern-day perspectives on three important medieval Japanese works.

  • Five versions of a sculpture of a headless figure in an ornate robe, arranged side by side, that have undergone different imaging treatments.

    3D Model: The Cosmic Buddha

    What makes this sixth-century Chinese object exceptional are the detailed narrative scenes that cover its surface, representing moments in the life of the Historical Buddha as well as the Realms of Existence, a symbolic map of the Buddhist world.

  • A stylized dragon and a virtual portal float in augmented reality, with a plant and a door in the background.

    Hidden Dragons

    Make your own party with the boisterous dragons that inhabit this interactive AR experience.