Art Stories

Art Stories

Art has a story to tell about us—who we’ve been, who we are, and who we aspire to be. We can look at ourselves, our past, and our present through many lenses. Through Art Stories, we invite you to choose your path of inquiry. Browse by themes, colors, or materials and techniques, and allow the stories within each uniquely curated page to frame your journey through our collections, guided by a variety of voices.

  • A lush scene painted predominately in green and gold of a Persian garden with a central group of figures in an ornate, covered architectural structure; flowering and fruiting plants; and birds.


    Art reveals our complex relationships to the world around us by engaging with subjects that transcend any particular time and place.

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  • A close-up view of a geometric vegetal pattern on a ceramic vessel in varying hues of blue and white.


    Color is a language all its own. Find out how colors have been made, perceived, and used throughout the world.

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  • A gold-and-black screen with wispily painted reeds, staggered blocks of Japanese calligraphy, and a brushed, speckled gold texture.

    Materials & Techniques

    Often, the message is in the medium. Learn more about how materials and techniques speak to us through the ages.

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