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199 objects

Kenzan style Black Raku water jar

<p>Clay: dense, coarse, gray. Hand formed. Glaze: mirror-black; inside, thin, grayish. Decoration: in white glaze-relief; crackled. Signatures of Ogata Korin (1658-1716) and Ogata Kenzan (1663-1743)</p>

Kenzan style tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water

<p>Tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water. Clay: soft, Raku-like. Glaze: luminous yellow-pink; crackled. Lead glaze. Decoration: in cream and black overglazes, in relief. Crane and flowing water.</p>

Satsuma ware tea-ceremony water jar in the shape of a well curb

<p>Water-jar (mizusashi) in form of a well-head, quadrilateral, cypress (sugi) wood cover with nashiji lacquer lining and metal ornaments of crab and bird. Clay: hard, dense, cream-colored stoneware Glaze: transparent, finely crackled Decoration: in pink, light green and pale lavender enamels and gold, over glaze. Chrysanthemums, grasses and vines outside. Peony scroll band at top &#8230;</p>



St. Ives: Sunset

<p>A seascape at sunset, with several sailboats at the left, and above them a bird in flight; unsigned.</p>