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Banner image for The Art of the Qur’an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The Art of the Qur’an: Overview
<p>The Art of the Quran, the first major exhibition on Islams holy text in the United States, tells the story of a group of extraordinary works. Many of these manuscripts are kept in Istanbul in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (Türk ve İslam Eserleri Müzesi), home to one of the most outstanding collections &#8230;</p>
Image of the Bianzhong Bells

Japan Modern: Photography from the Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck Collection
<p>Gallery 24 Celebrating the Freer|Sacklers recent acquisition of a major Japanese photography collection, this exhibition features a selection of works by groundbreaking twentieth-century photographers. Whether capturing evocative landscapes or the gritty realities of postwar Japan, this presentation focuses on Japanese artists search for a sense of place in a rapidly changing country. The images highlight &#8230;</p>

Japan Modern: Prints in the Age of Photography
<p>Galleries 26 When photography arrived in Japan in the mid-nineteenth century, traditional woodblock printmakers were forced to adapt their craft to keep pace with the new medium. In the decades that followed, major upheavalsa new system of government, a devastating earthquake, and the onset of world warcontinued to influence Japanese prints. This exhibition explores Japanese &#8230;</p>

Exhibition Highlights
<p>Nothing signaled a persons rank in Central Asia as conspicuously as a boldly patterned ikat coat. As valuable personal belongings, cherished ikat robes were handed down from one generation to the next and were eventually recycled into hangings, covers, or trims. After you look at the dizzying designs of ikats for a while, you might &#8230;</p>

Visual Identity Book
<p>How would you represent your identity through art? At the Art ID Teen Workshops, participants watched videos in Fiona Tan: Rise and Fall for inspiration, then worked with award-winning mixed-media artist Jessica Braiterman to create your own visual identity book. Download instructions on how to make your own visual identity book. Artist Book Workshop Handout &#8230;</p>
detail from an Ikat

To Dye For: Ikats from Central Asia
<p>Gallery 24 With their brilliant designs, ikats are among the most distinct fabrics produced in Central Asia. The name, derived from the Malaysian word for to tie, refers to the distinct technique of making these textiles: bundles of threads are painstakingly patterned by repeated binding and dyeing before being woven. In present-day Uzbekistan and the &#8230;</p>