The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room

A dense arrangement of golden figural statues, vessels, altars, and textile wall hangings, displayed in a warmly lit, red-colored room.
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  • Location

    Arthur M. Sackler Gallery | Gallery 26

  • Collection Area

    South Asian & Himalayan Art

The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room includes more than two hundred bronzes, paintings, silk hangings, and carpets that were created in Tibet, China, and Mongolia between the thirteenth and early twentieth centuries. Arranged to reflect Tibetan Buddhist concepts and customs rather than museum conventions, the glittering room evokes the Himalayan portals that bridge the mundane and the sacred worlds.

The objects, assembled by collector Alice S. Kandell over many years, are placed on painted furniture, arranged among paintings and textiles, and presented without labels. With an aural dimension of chanting monks, this dynamic and densely layered display restores the relationships between Buddhist figures and viewers that are typically dissolved within museums.

Please note: This exhibition will be temporarily closed to the public from April 3–7 and 11–28, 2023.

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