Perspectives: Rina Banerjee

Red strings draped all around a metal statue and two red and white egg shaped sculptures, one sitting on a pedestal and the other in a nest
  • Dates

    July 6, 2013 to June 8, 2014

  • Location

    Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

  • Collection Area

    Contemporary Art

Born in India and based in New York City, artist Rina Banerjee (b. 1963) draws on her background as a scientist and her experience as an immigrant. Her richly textured works complicate the role of objects as representations of cultures and invite viewers to share her fascination in materials. By juxtaposing organic and plastic objects—such as combining ornate textiles and animal forms with tourist souvenirs—she concocts fairytale worlds that are both enticing and subtly menacing.

Touching on themes of migration and transformation, the installation’s lengthy title conveys the sense of a long journey: A World Lost: after the original island, single land mass fractured, after populations migrated, after pollution revealed itself and as cultural locations once separated merged, after the splitting of Adam and Eve, Shiva and Shakti, of race black and white, of culture East and West, after animals diminished, after the seas’ corals did exterminate, after this and at last imagine all water evaporated…this after Columbus found it we lost it imagine this.

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Video: Behind the scenes | View on YouTube

Audio: A conversation with Rina Banerjee and Carol Huh

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