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Connecting Stories at the National Museum of Asian Art

Staggered shapes—triangles, circles, and squares—in muted green, purple, and orange tones against a white background. Each shape is a window into a detail from a work of art or an archival photograph of people or places.
  • Dates

    April 29, 2023–ongoing

  • Location

    Arthur M. Sackler Gallery | Gallery 26

  • Collection Area

    American Art, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Near Eastern Art, Arts of the Islamic World, Chinese Art, Japanese Art, Korean Art, South Asian & Himalayan Art, Southeast Asian Art

The National Museum of Asian Art opened in 1923, becoming the first art museum on the National Mall. At the museum, we continually renew our commitment to the communities represented by the works in our collections and to the peoples who made them. We aspire to add new perspectives to often simplistic understandings of Asia and are mindful of the complex histories between the United States and the countries of Asia.

Each object in our museum tells multiple stories. The small selection of objects, images, maps, and interactives in this gallery showcases some of the stories and connections reflected in our collections. Through a digital touchscreen and a colorful, animated projection, discover some of the symbols, patterns, and designs seen across our collections and learn about how their meanings change in different contexts. On another touchscreen, National Museum of Asian Art staff and volunteers highlight stories of objects in our collections.

Let Connecting Stories inspire you to explore our collections further and to develop your own connection to the stories at the museum.

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