Subject: Smoking Implements

19 objects

Raja Pratap Singh of Sawar smoking a hookah

The raja wears an orange jama and orange and white striped turban. He sits on a green cover against a black background. An attendant dressed in yellow holds a peacock fan. The hookah bowl is blue and white.


Portrait of a Raja, perhaps the Thakur of Bamboli

The nobleman holding the stem of a hookah in his right hand, the hilt of a sword in his left, wearing a blue jama with foliate decoration, a gold and red patka, thick pearl bracelets and a green turban with pearl strands. The gold and pearl details are in raised decoration, his emerald ring inlaid …


Diwan Nawal Singh, Prime Minister of Datia

Dressed in an ink blue jama and a rich orange turban with a matching wave-patterned (leheriya) sash (patka), Nawal Singh sits beneath a cool white canopy. An enormous amber-colored bolster with gold leaf-shaped motifs supports him. Suitable to his status, attendants wait on him and one waves a peacock feathered fly-whisk (morchal), a symbol of …


Beauty reclining as visitors approach

Interior: a man coming to visit a woman lying on her bed. Ink, full color and gold powder. Signature and seal.


Making Tea