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Detail of Whistler's Fighting Peacocks in gold on turquoise

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Whistler in Watercolor: Lovely Little Games Lee Glazer, Emily Jacobson, Blythe McCarthy, and Katherine Roeder For renowned artist James McNeill Whistler (1834–1903), watercolor was the medium through which he reinvented himself in the 1880s. No one was more smitten with Whistler and his works than Charles Lang Freer, who amassed the world’s largest collection of …

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Current volume: Volume 49: Art-Historical Art The forty-ninth volume of Ars Orientalis, Art-Historical Art, is now out. Developed from a workshop at the University of Michigan organized by Martin Powers, this volume foregrounds the concepts of “historicism,” “citation,” and the multiple motivations and meanings of diachronic continuity. Each author in this volume focuses on the …