Scientific Research on the Sculptural Arts of Asia

Proceedings of the Third Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art

Forbes Proceeding cover showing a sculpture of a buddha or bodhisattva, seated with a hand up in a gesture.

Edited by Janet G. Douglas, Paul Jett, and John Winter
Publisher: Archetype Publications with the Freer Gallery of Art
Subject: 1. Art and science 2. Asia-Antiquities 3. Asian art 4. Forbes 5. Scientific research
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-1-904982-20-3




Jade And Jade Working Methods

A Stone Kneeling Figure in the Art Institute of Chicago: New Evidence from Scientific Investigations and Archaeological Finds in China
Francesca CASADIO, Jay XU, Elinor PEARLSTEIN, Katherine T.FABER, Ariel KNOWLES, and JING Zhichun

A Noninvasive Mineralogical Study of Nephritic Artifacts from the Philippines and Surroundings: The Distribution of Taiwan Nephrite and Implications for Island Southeast Asian Archaeology
Yoshiyuki IIZUKA, HUNG Hsiao-Chun, and Peter Bellwood

The Introduction of Rotary Incising Wheels for Working Jade in China
Margaret SAX, Nigel D. MEEKS, Janet AMBERS, and Carol MICHAELSON

A Transfer of Technology: Jade Abrasive Methods Used to Create Inscriptions in Ancient Chinese Bronzes
Donna STRAHAN and Mark FENN

Bronze, Iron and Precious Metals

Technical Studies of Proto-Zhou and Early Western Zhou Bronze Vessels Excavated in Guanzhong, Shaanxi
YANG Junchang and HAN Rubin

Large Cast Iron Artifacts in Ancient China from the Seventh Century Onward: Technology and Conservation
HAN Rubin and LI Xiuhui

Technical Study and Elemental Analysis of Chinese Gold from the Late Eastern Zhou Period

Elemental Composition of Sri Lankan Bronzes: Technological Style and Change
Chandra L. REEDY and Sherry HARLACHER

The Bronzes of the South of India: A Continuing Tradition
Paul CRADDOCK and Duncan HOOK

Casting Compassion: The Technical Study of a Large Bronze from Tibet
Abigail HYKIN, Richard NEWMAN and Joan CUMMINS

Earth-based Materials

New Methods for Analyzing Thin Sections of Casting Core Materials: A Case Study with Southeast Asian Bronzes
Chandra L. REEDY and Pieter MEYERS

Mineralogical Characteristics of Khmer Stone Sculpture in the Bayon Style
Janet G. DOUGLAS and Sorena S. SORENSEN

Tibetan Buddhist Clay Figures: A Technical Examination
Lisa SERTIC and Louise BACON

Analysis and Replication

Documenting Mongolia’s Deer Stones: Application of Three-dimensional Digital Imaging Technology to Preservation
Harriet F. BEAUBIEN, Basiliki Vicky KARAS, and William W. FITZHUGH

Scientific Study, Conservation and Reproduction of a Sacred Lion Mask
Yasunori MATSUDA, Shinichiro TAGAWA, Takao MAKINO, and Miho TESHIROGI

Analysis of Inlays on Japanese Netsuke Using Raman Spectroscopy, FTIR, and Visual Examination Techniques
Odile MADDEN, Christine DROSSE, Ashley JOHNSON, and Marc WALTON

Polychromy and Wood

Nondestructive Investigation of the Polychromy of Japanese sculptures
Yasuhiro HAYAKAWA, Tetsuei TSUDA, and Sadatoshi MIURA

Surface Decoration on the Limestone Sculptures from Qingzhou

Polychrome Decoration on Far Eastern Gilt Bronze Sculpture of the Eighth Century

Examination and Analysis of the Chinese Polychrome Sculptures in the Collection of the Royal Ontario Museum
Marianne WEBB, Elizabeth MOFFATT, Marie-Claude CORBEIL, and Nicolas DUXIN

The Study of Buddhist Sculptures from Japan and China Based on Wood Identification
Mechtild MERTZ and Takeo ITOH

Chinese Buddhist Wood Sculptures of Water-Moon Guanyin: A Preliminary Research in Their Wood Construction and Material


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