Ars Orientalis Issue 45

Ars Orientalis 45, “Transmission of Architectural Knowledge in Medieval South Asia,” brings together four groundbreaking essays by South Asian specialists, with responses from two distinguished scholars working in geographic areas adjacent to South Asia. Guest edited by contributors Nachiket Chanchani and Tamara I. Sears, the essays in this volume highlight a history of mobility, hybridity, and transmission in the realm of architecture that spans many centuries and traverses a wide terrain. The response essays expand these ideas well beyond the Indian subcontinent, opening a broader discussion about the transmission of architectural knowledge and how the subject is addressed in scholarship today. With this format, Volume 45 of Ars Orientalis creates a dynamic dialogue and invites readers to continue the conversation.



    Nancy Micklewright


    Nachiket Chanchani
    Louise Cort
    Debra Diamond
    Marian Feldman
    Jennifer Robertson
    Avinoam Shalem

  • Senior EDITOR

    Jane Lusaka


    Edna Jamandre

    Managing editor

    Zeynep Simavi


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