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Volume 49: Art-Historical Art
The forty-ninth volume of Ars Orientalis, Art-Historical Art, is now out. Developed from a workshop at the University of Michigan organized by Martin Powers, this volume foregrounds the concepts of “historicism,” “citation,” and the multiple motivations and meanings of diachronic continuity. Each author in this volume focuses on the citation of earlier artistic traditions, drawing on examples from the literati painting of the Song period (960–1279) or from eighteenth-century Japanese woodblock-printed books. This layered, multivalent practice of invocation continues in the works of contemporary artists like Shahzia Sikander, Tai Xiangzhou, and Zhang Hongtu, who were interviewed for the digital version of the volume. In considering these complex phenomena, the authors address not only the temporality of these works, but also the historiographical antecedents to the field of art history itself.

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