George Kroto Lantern Slide Collection

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  • Creator

    Kroto, George, 1873-1946
  • Dates

  • Physical Description

    130 Items (glass lantern slides, color)
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  • Scope and Contents

    Handcolored stereopticon slides of Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Images includes: place views, temples, tea houses, government buildings, domestic architecture, sculpture, landscapes, market scenes, women, Samurai warriors, wrestlers, Shinto and Buddhist priests, lantern makers, and workmen winding silk. Cities depicted include: Kamakura, Kyoto, Yamanaka, Yokohama, and others. The slides are often captioned in English and Japanese. Photographers represented may include H. Tsurubuchi of Tokyo and Kametaro Ikeda (1862-1915). Women and Girl's Living Style: Slide 1: œSummer night Slide 2: œMother and a baby Slide 3: œ"Baby nurses under cherry trees." Slide 4: œ"A group of baby-nurses on a country road." Slide 5: œA tea serving lady Slide 6: œA woman with a parasol Slide 7: œA woman reading Slide 8: œ"Young girls Making tea." Slide 9: œWoman applying make-up Slide 10: œPreparing the meal Slide 11: œA woman standing Slide 12: œThree women in a room Slide 13: œA girl playing badminton Geisha Girls Slide 14: œMaiko Slide 15: œThree dancers Slide 16: œ"Geisha, Osaka" Slide 17: œ"Dancing girl. Kioto" Slide 18: œ"Concert of Koto and Shamisen" Sumo Wrestlers Slide 19: œ"Wrestlers" Slide 20: œSumo wrestling Slide 21: œ"one wrestler (Inagawa) stands in the arena." Slide 22: œ"Wrestler 'Hitachiyama'." Slide 23: œ"Wrestling" Samurai Warriors Slide 24: œGroup Samurai warriors Domestic Interior Slide 25:œ"Japanese Drawing room." Palanquins Slide 26:œ"Palanquin" Slide 27:œ"Palanquin in mountain road at Hakone." Customs and Living Style Slide 28:œ"Surf-bathing of Yuigahama, Kamakura." Slide 29:œ"Surf�thing of Oiso, near Hakone." Slide 30:œ"Tea house at Sokokura, Hakone." Slide 31:œMt. Atago Shiba. Tokyo Slide 32:œ"Boat Excursion at the Foot of Arashiyama, Kioto." Slide 33: œA peasant Slide 34: œ"Firemen's exercise on a ladder, which always takes place early in January." Slide 35:œ"'Manzai' dance. (Street scene in New Year)." Slide 36:œ"Marriage ceremony." Slide 37:œA carp streamer on Children's Day Market Scenes/Shops Slide 38: œ"People of Imaichi coming back from market at Nikko." Slide 39œ"Workman winding silk from Cocoon." Slide 40:œ"a Ferry." Slide 41:œJapanese lantern makers Slide 42:œInsect shop Slide 43:œNursery shop Slide 44:œToy store Slide 45:œ"Odenya." Stall selling Japanese Hotch potch Slide 46:œTea house Slide 47:œ"Bath—Room" Priests Slide 48:œ"Japanese Shinto priest" Slide 49:œ"The Priests Praying to Bud[d]ha." Slide 50:œ"Buddha priests retiring from the commemoration for those who died in bo[a]ttles, held at Aoyoma cemetery, Tokyo." Slide 51:œ"Shinto Priest." Shrines Slide 52:œ"Fountain of Yasukuni Park, Tokio" Kameido Tenjin, Tokyo Slide 53:œKameido Tenjin, Tokyo Slide 54:œKameido Tenjin, Tokyo Slide 55:œYasukuni Shrine, Tokyo Slide 56:œ"The torii Hakone." Slide 57:œHigh Lantern in Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi shrine Slide 58:œSumiyoshi Shrine Temples Slide 59:œ"Fudo Temple, Narita near Tokio" Slide 60:œAsakusa Kanzeon Slide 61:œ"'Anamori' Temple near Tokio" Slide 62:œ"Tomb of Tokugawa-shogun at Shiba Park, Tokio" Slide 63:œUeno Tennoji Temple in Tokyo Slide 64:œ"Iyeyasu tomb Nikko." Slide 65:œ"Nis [?] of Niomon gate Nikko." Slide 66:œ"Interior Iyeyasu temple Nikko." Box 2 Temples continued Slide 67:œ"Steps to the gate of Hachiman temple, Kamakura." Slide 68:œ"Tsurugaoka Hachiman Temple, Kamakura Slide 69:œ"Five storied Pagoda, Kioto" Slide 70:œ"The back of Kiyomizu temple Kyoto." Slide 71:œ"'Biodo' Temple, Uji, near Kioto" Slide 72:œ"Tai-Kioku Temple, Kioto Proceeding Ancient Ceremony." Slide 73:œ"'Higashi' Temple, Kioto" Slide 74:œ"'Nishi-Hongan' Temple, Kioto." Slide 75:œMyokoku Temple in Sakai, Osaka City Views Slide 76:œ"'Ginza' Street, Tokio" Slide 77:œ"Shintomi Theatre, Tokio." Slide 78:œ"Nihonbashi street, Tokio" Slide 79:œ"Kudan, Tokio" Slide 80:œ"Military Museum, Tokio" Slide 81:œ"A court of Justice, Tokio" Slide 82:œ"Naval Department. Court of Justice. Dept of Justice affairs." Slide 83:œ"Overhead Railway in Tokio." Slide 84:œ"Pier at Yokohama." Slide 85:œYokohama Slide 86:œ"Navy Port of Yokosuka." Slide 87:œ"Umeda station, Osaka." Slide 88:œ"Shijiokawara, Kioto" Parks Slide 89:œJapanese Iris in Horikiri, Tokyo Slide 90:œUeno Park, Tokyo Slide 91:œ"'Ueno' Park, Tokio." Slide 92:œ"Zoological Garden at Ueno Park, Tokio." Slide 93:œ"Asakusa Park, Tokio." Slide 94:œ"Asakusa Park, Tokio." Slide 95:œ"'Asakusa' Park, Tokio" Slide 96:œ"Hibiya Park, Tokio." Slide 97:œ"'Mito' Park, near Tokio." Slide 98:œ"'Koraku' Park, Okayama." Sculpture Slide 99:œ"Bronze statue of Saigo at Ueno Park, Tokio." Slide 100:œ"Bronze statue of Warrior 'Nanko', Tokio." Slide 101:œ"stone images Nikko." Bridges Slide 102:œ"'Nijiu' Bridge of Imperial Palace." Tokyo Slide 103:œNijiu Bridge of Imperial Palace, Tokyo Slide 104:œAzuma Bridge, Tokyo Slide 105:œ"The stone bridge on the lotus pond, Hachiman temple Kamakura." Slide 106:œ"'Tenman' Bridge, Osaka." Slide 107:œ"Sanjio Bridge, Kioto." River and Falls Slide 108:œ"Ai𠅏ishing, Tama[gawa] River." Tokyo Slide 109:œ"'Kegon' Water�ll. Niko." Slide 110:œ"'Tamadare' Waterfall." Hakone Slide 111:œTatsu no River in Oji, near Tokyo Slide 112:œ"Sea—side of Sukekawa, Mito" Scenery, Landscapes Slide 113:œ"Futami—[ga]Ura, Ise." Slide 114:œ"Matsu—shima, Sendai." Slide 115:œ"Snow-view of Ayase, Tokio." Slide 116:œ"View of Hakone." Slide 117:œFull cherry blossoms at Mukojima Slide 118:œ"Cherry blossoms at the cliff of Kamonyama." Slide 119:œ"Cherry𠅋lossom on The Kumagai, near Tokio." Slide 120:œ"Full blossoms on Cherry Road, Yokohama" Mt. Fuji Slide 121:œ"Snow𠅌rowned Fuji from Ushinuma." Slide 122:œ"View of Mt Fuji" Slide 123:œ"Mt. Fuji from Tagonoura" Slide 124:œ"Mt. Fuji from Tagonoura" Slide 125:œ"Mt. Fuji on a moon light night." Slide 126:œ"Mt. Fuji viewed from Shoji lake." Slide 127:œ"Mt. Fuji viewed from Yamanaka lake & its refelec(sic)tion." Slide 128:œ"Spring View of Mt. Fuji from Gotemba." Slide 129:œ"Mt. Fuji viewed from Nishinoumi lake." Slide 130:œ"Mountain Guide of Mt. Fuji."
  • Biographical / Historical

    American engineer George Kroto (1873-1946) assembled this collection to document Japanese art and culture, while living in Japan from 1901-1910 under the employ of Takata & Co., Tokyo.
  • Local Numbers

    FSA A1992.02
  • Collector

    Kroto, George, 1873-1946
  • Photographer

    Tsurubuchi, H.
    Ikeda, Kametaro, 1862-1915
  • Place

    Kamakura-shi (Japan)
    Kyoto (Japan)
    Yamanaka Lake (Japan)
    Yokohama-shi (Japan)
    Tokyo (Japan)
    Osaka (Japan)
    Hakone-machi (Japan)
    Yokosuka-shi (Japan)
    Japan -- Description and Travel
  • Custodial History

    Donated by Kroto's son, Stanley G. Kroto, 1992
  • Archival Repository

    Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives
  • Type

    Collection descriptions
    Archival materials
    Lantern slides
  • Citation

    George Kroto Lantern Slide Collection. FSA.A1992.02. National Museum of Asian Art Archives. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
  • Arrangement

    1 linear foot : arranged by slide number and by topic
    Box 1 : Women and daily life (1-13). Geisha (14-18). Sumo Wrestlers (19-23). Group of samurai (24). Palanquins (26-27). Customs (28-37). Market Scenes/Shops (38-47). Priests (48-51). Shrines (52-58). Temples (59-66).
    Box 2 : Temples (c'td.) (67-75). City Views (76-88). Parks (89-98). Sculpture (99-101). Bridges (102-107). River and Falls (108-112). Scenic Landscapes (113-120). Mt. Fuji (121-130).
  • Rights

    Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository.
  • Genre/Form

    Lantern slides -- 1900-1950
  • Restrictions

    Collection is open for research.

Repository Contact

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives
National Museum of Asian Art Archives
Washington, D.C. 20013