Anne van Biema Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow

Sonia C. Coman-Ernstoff
Columbia University, New York
Cross-cultural Adaptations of Visual Culture in Japan and the Euro-American World, Then and Now

Freer Fellow, University of Michigan

Robert Święcicki Morrissey
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Enlivening the Living Image: Icons of Divine Youths in Medieval Japanese Religious Traditions

Freer|Sackler Museum Training Fellows

Wen Li

Sunwoo Hwang
Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea
Research on Chinese Buddhist Murals from the Tenth to Twelfth Century

Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow for American Art

Kerry Roeder
University of Delaware, Newark
Whistler, Dewing and Tryon: Gilded Age Intersections at the Freer Gallery of Art

Smithsonian Institution History of Art Pre-doctoral Fellows

Bronwen Gulkis
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mughal albums in the era of the Emperor Shahjahan (r. 1628-58) and his successors

Gillian (Yanzhuang) Zhang
Ohio State University, Columbus
Image-Making and Intermediality in China (1683-1839)

Smithsonian Institution History of Art Postdoctoral Fellows

Leqi Yu
University of Pennsylvania

Visiting Senior Korean Scholar

Eunwoo Jeong
Dong-A University