Freer Fellow, University of Michigan

Michelle al-Ferzly
University of Michigan
‘Adab Oblige’: The Art of Medieval Islamic Dining, 850-1450

Museum Research Fellows

Sunwoo Hwang
Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

Janet O’Brien
The Courtauld Institute of Art

New York University Public Humanities Fellow

Robin Joyce
Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow for American Art

Kerry Roeder
University of Delaware, Newark
Whistler, Dewing and Tryon: Gilded Age Intersections at the Freer Gallery of Art

Smithsonian Institutional Fellowship Program

Yun-chen Lu
University of California, Santa Barbara
A Left-Turn to Artistic Eccentricity: Gao Fenghan (1683-1749) and Disability Art in Premodern Yangzhou

Harrison Schley
University of Pennsylvania
Converging Canons: The Freer Collection and the Japanese National Treasures System

Rashmi Viswanathan
University of Hartford
Receiving the Global Modern: Private Politics of Interest in Post-War United States

Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellows

Jananne Al-Ani

Diana al-Hadid

Shiraz Bayjoo

Imran Qureshi