Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe

Experience the haunting choral melodies and evocative dances of the aboriginal Bunun and Ami tribes of Taiwan’s high central mountains and rugged east coast. The troupe appeared at Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors Festival, prompting the New York Times to delare, “The city’s busy skyscape paled before the authority, simplicity, and radiant humanity of the company.” The surprisingly modern choral sounds of the Bunun shocked musicologists who first heard it 60 years ago, and Bunun musicians were featured on the recent CD with ECM recording artist, cellist David Darling. To preserve and share the island’s rich aboriginal culture, the ensemble draws its membership from Taiwan’s twelve native tribes. This concert was presented in cooperation with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office. Recorded live at the Freer Gallery October 9, 2005. (26:30).