Period: Edo period (1615 - 1868)

5,399 objects

Container with frog at rim

Light gray clay, darkened on surface by use. Potter’s mark “Shun’u,” without frame, impressed on base to right. Clear ash glaze under copper-green (rusu) glaze streaked with bluish white, forming thick welt just above base. Clear glaze on inside. Relief figure of tiny frog climbing over rim. With ivory lid.


Ofuke ware tea bowl in style of Vietnamese ware

Light gray clay, brown on surface, stained in areas around cracks. White slip; double coating of slip in bottom only. Underglaze painted in decoration in faint blue-gray cobalt: two horizontal lines at midpoint of body, single lines below rim and just above base, single ring in bottom; three floral sprays and three geometric designs paired, …


Tea bowl by an amateur potter

Buff clay. Hand formed, heavy. Vertical faceting on one side of wall; incised undulating horizontal line on opposite side of wall; incised spiral in bottom; incised ring on base. Chocolate brown iron glaze, glossy on side exposed to highest temperature during firing (over facts), matte on opposite side. Foot unglazed.


Landscape: a yujo sitting on a bench

Landscape: a yujo sitting on a bench. Full color, lacquer black, ink and slight gold. Signature and seal. Silk panel.


Street scene during a festival

Street scene during a festival. Full color. Signature and one seal. Paper kakemono.