Period: Edo period (1615 - 1868)

5,405 objects

Mino or Inuyama ware sake bottle

Light brown clay, stained unevenly under glaze by sake. Hand-formed rim; two thumb indentations in midbody on opposite sides. Ash glaze, mottled, yellow-green where thick, stained brown in coarse crackle; glaze wiped off base, leaving thin orange film of glaze and pool of glaze in concave center of base.


Water jar with design of reeds and water

Buff clay. Iron-bearing slip coating upper surface of rim and used to paint three sprays of bamboo on body under glaze. Cream-colored feldspathic glaze, coarsely crackled, finger wiped and brushed decoratively. Foot rim and base unglazed. Seven spur marks (from clay wads) in bottom; six spur marks on base inside foot rim. Inscription, “uebito” (courtier) …


Tea bowl

Tea caddy, nejinuki type

Tea caddy (chaire). Ivory cover. Clay: hard, grayish. String-cut base. Glaze: lustrous black, lightly splashed with greenish-yellow. Interior unglazed. Weight: 167.52 grams.