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About this project

Teaching China with the Smithsonian was made possible by a generous grant from The Freeman Foundation.

Project Team at the National Museum of Asian Art: Stephen Allee, Gio Camozzi, YinYing Chen, Liz Cheng, Elizabeth Eder, Ian Fry, Cory Grace, Reid Hoffman, Carol Huh, Wen Li, Nancy Micklewright, Sana Mirza, Mary Mulcahy, Grace Murray, Olga Panova, Jennifer Reifsteck, Jan Stuart, Wendy Wang, Hutomo Wicaksono, Keith Wilson, Sarah Yarrito, Jingmin Zhang

Project Team at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage: James Deutsch, Jackson Harvey, Khamo Kyi, Maya Potter

Teacher Advisors: Mischell Anderson, Hongli Holloman, Pearl Lau, Diane Luu, Lieu Nguyen, Matthew Sudnik, Anjali Wells, Maranda Wilkinson, Lesley Younge, Edith Zhang, Amanda Zigmond

Curriculum Advisors: Lucien Ellington, John Flower, Kevin Hsieh, Roberta Martin, Lynn Parisi, Jeff Wang