Professional Development

Join us as we engage in creative teaching strategies and explore interdisciplinary curriculum connections focused on the National Museum of Asian Art’s collections and exhibitions. Workshops are designed to help educators who are new to using Asian art in the classroom learn about digital resources and teaching strategies. As a result, teachers will expose their students to new perspectives and will increase their students’ critical and creative thinking skills. Educators will leave each professional development session with ready-to-use classroom resources such as lesson plans, discussion guides, and Learning Lab collections. Please mark your calendar for these upcoming professional development opportunities. All professional development workshops will be facilitated virtually until further notice.

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Upcoming Workshops

The Culturally Responsive Arts Classroom: Lessons from a Chinese Court Robe
Virtual Teacher Workshop
Saturday, February 26
1–3 p.m. EST

What is cultural appropriation and how can it be avoided in the art classroom? Join Grace Hu, elementary art educator and National Museum of Asian Art (NMAA) teacher advisor, and Kevin Hsieh, professor of art education and NMAA teacher advisor, as they discuss promoting multiculturalism and arts integration in ways that honor cultural ownership. Review a lesson plan on a Qing dynasty court robe from the Freer Gallery of Art collection as a case study about how to incorporate student agency in ways that are culturally sensitive. Learn about the forthcoming e-book Teaching Chinese Art and Culture, published by the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), and leave with resources you can adapt for your students.


Cultivating Learning: Slow Looking and Mindfulness Practices with Art
Virtual Teacher Workshop
Thursday, March 25
4:00—5:00 p.m. EDT

In conjunction with the Smithsonian’s Office of Education Technology, learn how to use slow looking, simple movements, and mindfulness techniques to engage students with art. In this interactive session, we’ll model how to use these techniques to develop students’ skills in self-regulation, perspective-taking, and making observations and inferences. Leave with ready-to-use activities and related virtual programs for students and educators to deepen your knowledge of these practices. This session is ideal for PK-6 educators of all subject areas.

No pre-registration is necessary. Visit the link below to watch it live or review the recording:


Workshops by Request

Are you interested in scheduling a workshop for a group of educators? Does your school district have an upcoming professional development in-service day? National Museum of Asian Art staff will design a menu of workshop choices for you to select to support your specific curricular needs.

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