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Gourd-shaped bottle in the form of a worshiper

Gourd-shaped bottle with head and arms of worshipper. Wheel-thrown from disk and coil, with applied, incised and impressed decoration. Base smooth, undulating and wrinkled texture from original impression of flat clay dish on turntable, center slightly recessed from flat “rim.” Impression of somewhat disporportionate weight from extra thickness of lower walls. Lower body tapers upward …


Gourd-shaped bottle in form of a worshipper; neck missing, lid a modern addition

Gourd-shaped bottle with head and hands of a worshipper (neck missing, replaced by attached lid). Wheel-thrown from coils, with incised, impressed and applied decoration. Base flat, smooth. Traces of seam around outer edge of base indicate that vessel was thrown from coils attached to edge of base made as flat disk. Gourd-shaped bottle with slightly …


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