Keywords: Vietnam

344 objects

Flat jar

Flat bottle with three cartouches


Covered box in the form of a bird

Covered box in the form of a bird, with modeling on the lid and added head. Clay: stoneware, pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, colorless. Decoration: in cobalt pigment under the glaze, detailing the head, back, and wings of the bird and adding breast feathers and legs. Mark: none.



Miniature bowl


Dish with fluted cavetto and scalloped rim

Dish with hand-cut fluted cavetto and scalloped rim. Low foot, base unglazed. Clay: stoneware, light gray, fine grained. Glaze: “apple-green” high-temperature copper-tinted glaze. Glaze stops above lower edge of foot. Wide ring cut out of glaze in bottom, leaving circle of glaze in center. Mark: none.



Beaker-shaped cup, slightly contracted at mid-body, wheel-thrown on wheel revolving clockwise; foot trimmed up to hip, inside of footrim roughly carved. Clay: stoneware, gray, fine-grained; orange flush on one side (hot side?) near lower edge of glaze. Glaze: thin caramel-brown iron-based glaze, applied by dipping, stopping above hip. Mark: none.


Pot with overall paddle-impressed texture

Pot with three different paddle-impressed textures—on the neck, the body, and the base. Clay: orange earthenware. Glaze: none. Decoration: none.