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344 objects


Grey-green glaze merging with narrow ring of brown glaze just above foot, base colored chocolate brown, undecorated interior, exterior decorated with multiple vertical lines between concentric circles.



Monochromatic thin finely crackled grey-green glaze, falling to unglazed foot and base, stacking ring in interior, uneven rim cut with alternating single then double shallow curved indentations.



Medium-sized dish with decoration incised through the glaze. Clay: ivory stoneware body. Glaze: clear glaze; iron wash “chocolate” base. Decoration: A single large floral (probably lotus) spray fills the center, while the well is filled by a floral scroll.



Ewer with phoenix-head spout and loop handle, missing lid. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained clay. Base unglazed. Glaze: smooth, translucent, grass-green. Decoration: relief blossom forms applied around the shoulder; incised floral scrolls on the rounded body.



Clay: white stoneware. Glaze: colorless glaze on body; iron-oxide wash on base. Decoration: On neck, band of “treasure” lattice. On shoulder, three mythical beasts (baize) alternating with four-pronged clouds whose centers resemble the fungus of immortality, the space filled by smaller flame-like clouds and wish-granting jewels, some enclosed by flames and others not. On upper …



Large dish with everted rim, upright glazed lip, deep cavetto, wide flat bottom slightly domed in the center, on low, beveled, unglazed footrim. Clay: greyish-brown stoneware; long firing crack running from rim to center; another short firing crack on rim, two on footrim. Glaze: transparent ivory-grey tone; possibly a coating of white slip under the …



Small bowl with everted rim on raised everted foot. Clay: light grey, gritty. Glaze: clear glaze on interior, over white slip; rim unglazed; mottled copper-green glaze on exterior, pooling around foot; visible edge of foot has brownish sheen; base unglazed. Decoration: incised under glaze on outside, three sets of multiple lines evenly spaced on body. …



Low bowl with inverted plain rim, rounded sides, and flat base. Clay: light gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, lustrous, over white slip inside and out; slip and glaze pared away above base; base unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt in graded shades, pale to dark. Outside, double lines, very faint, below rim and above base enclosing vinescrolls …


Water dropper in the form of a blowfish

Small molded vessel in shape of blowfish, with rimless mouth and flat base. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: opaque, ivory-toned, finely abraded over surface except where protected by angles of the molded tail. Base and interior unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze blue; details of fish features, including stippling over blue wash on back. Mark: none. Condition: …


Round box with design of floral spray

Round box with domed lid, tapering body, and flat base. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, shiny, over white slip on exterior; thin, mottled grayish on inside of body and lid; base unglazed. Debris adhering to base. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt. Abstract floral spray on top of lid, without enclosing rings. Mark: none.