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Bowl with inverted rim

Round bowl, with an almost flat bottom, carinated shoulder and inturned rim. Creamy yellow-white-gray glaze over a gray-brown stoneware.



1. (Stephen P. Koob, 10 February 1998) Large glazed bowl, almost hemispherical in shape, with a small, flat, unglazed ring foot. The bowl is slightly uneven and slopes to one side. Light gray-green glaze inside and out, with floral decoration in a dark green-brown underglaze. 2. (Louise A. Cort, 3 March 1998) This deep bowl …



1. (Stephen P. Koob, 10 February 1998) Round bowl, with almost straight sides, tapering slightly to a simple, sharply cut ring base. Glazed inside and out with a creamy white-green glaze. The base appears to have been cut down after firing, resulting in the loss of chips and glaze around the edges. The base is …