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434 objects

Pot with paddle-impressed design

Pot of compressed globular form with round bottom, trumpet-liked neck and flared mouth. Clay: brown earthenware. Glaze: none Decoration: a band of stamped diamond-shaped textile-like pattern paddle-impressed on the shoulder only; body and base smooth.


Pot with stamped decoration

Pot of compressed globular form with round bottom, cylindrical neck and flanged mouth. Clay: orange earthenware. Glaze: none. Decoration: a row of stamped diamond designs on the shoulder, traces of red painted lines on the mouth, the neck and the body.



Melon-shaped kendi with flutted body, tall neck, flared mouth, slightly curved, tapering spout, short foot and recessed base. Body broken and repaired. Clay: orange-red earthenware. Glaze: red slip, burnished. Decoration: None.



Clay: red earthenware (probably underfired stoneware). Glaze: none. Decoration: none.


Cylindrical jar encrusted with shells

Small cylindrical vessel with incised horizontal lines near rim; rough, unglazed surface. One small vertical lug visible; others possibly covered by shell incrustation. Wheel thrown.


Pot for palm sugar, re-used as a lime-paste pot

Small vessel with thick, flaring rim and paddle-impressed patterns on the wall and base. Hand-formed, using a wooden paddle carved with rhomboid lattice pattern, and an anvil. Adhesions of lime.


Pot for palm sugar

Small, round-bottomed vessel with flattened body, constricted neck, and everted rim. Hand-formed, possibly using smooth paddle and anvil.