Keywords: Tran dynasty (1225 - 1400)

35 objects


Bowl with eveerted rim. Clay: light gray stoneware. Glaze: creamy white glaze. Decoration: painted in two shades of cobalt (or possibly iron and cobalt) pigment under the glaze: floral spray in center (on which are five spur scars), narrow calligraphic band near interior rim, wider band on exterior, both framed by lines. Base shows traces …


Bowl with design of floral spray

Creamy finely crackled light grey glaze, with underglaze iron black floral spray in interior center (on which are five pontil spur scars) and a narrow band of calligraphic decoration on interior next to rim and a wider band of similar decoration on exterior, both enclosed within pairs of concentric lines, chocolate brown bottom.



Monochromatic thin finely crackled grey-green glaze, falling to unglazed foot and base, stacking ring in interior, uneven rim cut with alternating single then double shallow curved indentations.



Ewer with phoenix-head spout and loop handle, missing lid. Clay: pale gray, fine-grained clay. Base unglazed. Glaze: smooth, translucent, grass-green. Decoration: relief blossom forms applied around the shoulder; incised floral scrolls on the rounded body.



Bowl with compressed thin slightly flaring rim; flat, slightly concave base, 5 spur marks inside center. Clay: fine grain, buff stoneware. Glaze: thin, yellowish green celadon with crackle. Decoration: none.