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Kenzan style tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water

Tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water. Clay: soft, Raku-like. Glaze: luminous yellow-pink; crackled. Lead glaze. Decoration: in cream and black overglazes, in relief. Crane and flowing water.


Tea bowl with design of mountain retreat

Gold lacquer repair. Clay: hard, fine. Stoneware. Glaze: cream, finely crackled. Decoration: white slip with iron and impure cobalt under glaze. Pavilion and landscape.


Kenzan style tea bowl with design of mountain retreat

Shallow tea-bowl with landscape design. Clay: Stoneware. Hard, dense, grayish. Hand carved. Five spur marks in foot. Glaze: white over fawn, crackled. Thickly pitted. Decoration: in black, under glaze. Buildings in landscape.



Tea bowl, deep flaring. Repaired with gold lacquer. Clay: hard, dense, reddish on surface, pale beneath glaze. Five spur marks inside. Glaze: light gray-green, blended and mottled with rose color.


Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop

Tea bowl. Broken and repaired. Clay: soft, white. Raku type. Glaze: mingled salmon-red, white, yellow, and gray-green; crackled and deeply pitted. Three spur scars on footrim. Red slip under clear glaze. Mark: Cipher (kao) incised inside footrim.


Tea bowl

Bowl, ovoidal, with two sides compressed; bold basal ring. Seven spur-marks, inside. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, grayish, sonant, porcelain. Glaze: Clear glaze, appearing predominantly cream, merging with gray, tan, and faint green; close dark crackle. Glaze ends on base above foot except in one area where it covers top of foot.


Akahada ware tea bowl with design of standing cranes

Tea bowl, notched. Mishima technique. Gohon type with crane design (gohon tachizuru chawan [Jpn]) Clay: dense, resonant, grayish-white. Glaze: greenish-gray, flushed with pink, dappled in cream yellow. Decorations: cranes, incised, partially filled with white paste, and touched with brown, under glaze. Seal. Gourd-shaped seal, “Akahada” [Jpn]


Satsuma ware jar, White Satsuma type

Tea jar, silver rim. Silver cover. Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: cream, closely crackled in dark brown; large areas of brown and purplish discoloration.


Arita ware tea bowl with landscape design

Tea bowl; inverted bell-shape; deep foot. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: crackled in brown; somewhat pitted. Decoration: landscape design in dark blue under glaze.


Tea bowl with design of chrysanthemums

Tea bowl, bulbous ovoidal; heavy foot. Clay: dense, gray-white. Glaze: pinkish gray-white, crackled, dappled with gold; black on rim. Decoration: embossed in thick white glaze.