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Tea bowl, flaring, on low retired foot. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, sonorous, gray. Glaze: clear with delicate greenish and gray-blue overflow. Decoration: linear designs in white slip, brushed, under glaze.


Karatsu ware tea bowl

Tea bowl. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: lustrous cream, with greenish, pinkish-brown, darker brown areas and stainings, brown crackle.


Tea bowl with silk brocade design

Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: luminous cream-white, crackled. Pink flush in interior. Decoration: in purplish-brown and green enamels, and gold, over glaze. Textile design.


Satsuma ware tea-ceremony water jar in the shape of a well curb

Water-jar (mizusashi) in form of a well-head, quadrilateral, cypress (sugi) wood cover with nashiji lacquer lining and metal ornaments of crab and bird. Clay: hard, dense, cream-colored stoneware Glaze: transparent, finely crackled Decoration: in pink, light green and pale lavender enamels and gold, over glaze. Chrysanthemums, grasses and vines outside. Peony scroll band at top …