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Sutra of the Great Demise (Mahaparinirvana Sutra) in standard script

Sutra written in standard script on nine pieces of paper with eight seams. The standard length of each sheet is about 19 3/8″ with 29 lines of text; the first and 9th pieces of paper are much shorter. The scroll is not in its original unmounted state. It was mounted in recent times in a …


Sutra of Incantations for Sustaining the Thunderbolt Life (Kongojumyodarani-kyo)

Three sheets of paper, gold on indigo. With a paulounia wood case and the title, gold plated fan shaped knob, Gin joji bon’s seal on first paper. A sacred text (sutra) written in gold follows a frontispiece illustrated with a central image of the Buddha preaching to two bodhisattvas (enlightened beings) and two monk-disciples. The …


Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha

High relief carving of Western Paradise. Amitabha presides over a lotus pond that contains flowers opening to reveal newborn souls. Numerous deities and celestial attendants fill in the tableau.