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Detached folio from a Qur’an, sura 11:61-71

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Qur’an; right-hand half verso: Sura Hud (Hud)11:63, 64, verso begins with “qala”; left-hand half recto: sura 11:65-67, recto begins with “tamatta’uwa”; right-hand half recto: part of verse 61 and verse 62, recto begins with “a’buduw”; left-hand half verso: 68-70 and part of 71, verso begins with “thamud”; …


Fragment of a section (juz’) of a Qur’an

Manuscript; A section (Juz’) from the Qur’an; verses of Sura Hud (Prophet Hud) and Sura Yusuf (Prophet Joseph), sura 11, 12, verse 89 of sura 11 to verse 52 of sura 12 with few folios missing in between the verses; Arabic in black kufic script; vocalized in red, blue and green; 17 folios with illuminated …


Folio from a Qur’an, sura 11:35-57

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Qur’an; recto: sura: Hud (Hud) 11: part of verse 35, and verses 36-46, recto begins with “wa ana”; verso: sura 11:46-56, and part of 57, verso begins with “laka bi-hi”; Arabic in black “eastern kufic (New Style)” script with gold circular verse markers and illuminated marginal medallions; …