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Pendant in the form of a stag

The animal is seen crouching with its head turned back. The antlers are of a modest size. The eye may have served as a suspension hole. The work is done in flat planes without detailing lines. The stone is pale green. (Nicks on antler tips; spotty adhesions and/or soil adhering.)


Ornament in the form of a stag, reworked

Animal in profile; rounded edges; no decoration; semi-translucent green. (Clouds of calcification with some surface damage.)


Stamp seal

Pendant in the form of a stag

The jade stag is presented in silhouette, with its characteristic horns extending backward to repeat the curving form of the stag’s body. Details such as the eye, ear, and haunches are indicated with beveled lines. The animal’s cloven hooves are schematically presented. There is a circular perforation on the stag’s throat. (Mostly calcified; old stickers …


Pendant in the form of a stag

The head of this stag is turned back as it carries its flame-like, four horned antlers. Details are by line drilling. One hole for suspension. The color of the stone is an olive-tinged brown. (Dark spot on rear flank; soil adhering; good condition.)


Pendant in the form of a stag

Deer plaque, profile with head turned back; opaque tan and brown/gray. (Many calcified areas; powdery, worn; both legs broken off; ear chipped; crack in center of body. Traces of cinnabar.)


Stamp seal

Ellipsoid shaped stamp seal with stag motif facing a tall plant and a star located at 10 o’clock.


Stamp seal

Dome shaped stamp seal with stag motif, seated to right with streamers. Inscription at 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock. Seals with the motif of a stag have been excavated on sealings or bullae at sites like Takht-e Sulaiman and Qasr Abu Nasr in Iran. The stag was considered a royal animal in Sasanian art and …