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Khamsa (Quintet) by Nizami ( d. 1209)

Manuscript; Khamsa (Quintet) by Nizami; Persian in black nasta’liq script with headings in gold, red, and blue, kufic and naskhi script; 346 folios with a shamsa (fol. 1recto), double-page frontispiece (fols.1 verso-2recto), 5 unwans (fols. 30verso, 84verso, 155verso, 217verso, 302verso), 10 illuminated folios, 32 paintings (40recto, 44verso, 52verso, 55recto, 74recto, 80verso, 94verso, 98recto, 105verso, 120verso, …


Folio from a Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi (d.1020); recto: text; verso: right-hand half of a double-page illumination

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi; text: Persian in black naskh and thuluth script with few sentences in white outlined in black; recto: text, one column, 25 lines, verso: right-hand half of a double-page illumination, detached from the facing folio (S1986.111), text, one column, 14 lines; one of …


Folio from a Qur’an; Frontispiece, sura 17:88

Folio within a bound Qur’an; recto: blank; verso: right-hand half of a double-page frontispiece, Sura al-Isra, sura 17:88; shamsa (sunburst medallion) with floral motifs; Arabic in white naskh script; one of a group of 5 bound folios (F1932.66-70) from the manuscript (F1932.65); accessioned separately. Border: the shamsa is set in an illuminated border on cream-colored …


Folio from a Khusraw u Shirin by Nizami (d.1209); recto: Sun-burst medallion (Shamsa); verso: text and illuminated heading (sarlawh)

Detached folio from the Khusraw u Shirin from a Khamsa (Quintet) by Nizami; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script ; recto: roundel (shamsa); verso: text with one main illuminated heading (sarlawh) inscribed with white ornamental “eastern kufic”; 4 columns; one of a group of 7 detached folios (F1931-37) from the manuscript (F1931.29) and the book …