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Equestrian portrait of Muhammad Shah from the Impey Album

Detached folio from a dispersed manuscript; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script; recto: Equestrian portrait of Muhammad Shah from the Impey Album; verso: calligraphic panel, central panel contains a quatrain surrounded by marginal calligraphic panels; one of a group of three folios; seal with date; signed by master Daswanth. Border: The recto is set in …


Divan (collected poems) by Khatai (Shah Isma’il) (d. 1524)

Manuscript; Divan-i Khata’i (Collected poems) by Shah Isma’il I (r. 1501-1524); Turkish in black nasta’liq script; illuminated headings in white; 50 folios with 3 paintings (2recto, 23verso, 24recto); standard page: 2 columns, 12 lines of text. Binding: The manuscript was originally bound in brown leather over paper pasteboards with gilt block-stamped designs on the exterior …


Shah Jahan hunting

Detached album folio; Shah Jahan hunting. Border: the painting is set in gold rulings mounted on a gold-sprinkled paperboard.


Nadir Shah of Iran

Detached album folio; Nadir Shah of Iran; single-page portrait; Persian in black nasta’liq script, inscription on the top reads: likeness of [the] auspicious Highness Nadirshah Padishah the [?]; on the side: was drawn during the auspicious visit of Shah Jahan [?]. Border: The painting is set in gold and black rulings in a blue foliate …


Iskandarnama (Book of Alexander) by Nizami (d. 1209)

Book: Iskandarnama by Nizami (d. 1209); lithography with illustrations; Persian in black nasta’liq script; 371 folios with 10 sarlawhs (fols. 1verso, 45recto, 45verso, 180verso, 228verso, 229recto, 292verso, 293recto,332verso, 333recto); 158 illustrations, 7 colophons (fols. 43recto, 107verso, 179verso, 227verso, 291verso, 331recto, 371recto), 6 preface (fols. 44,108,180,228,292,332 rectos), inscription (folio 1 recto); standard page: 1 column, 39 …