Keywords: Seto ware

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Tea caddy

Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Diagonal indentation on shoulder, probably accidental. String-cut base, worn smooth. Mottled iron glaze nearly black where thick, rust brown where thin. Inside unglazed except for accidental spills of glaze inside mouth.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy (chaire) Ivory cover. String-cut foot. Clay: hard, dense, coarse. Orange on surface. Glaze: thick leather-brown, iron glaze, with panel of ash glaze. Interior unglazed. Weight 147.94 grams.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy, with ivory cover. Clay: hard, dense, gray. Glaze: copper-brown under thin veiling of metallic black of dull lustre, broadly splashed with yellow and black, finely crackled.


Tea caddy

Buff clay. Flat base, broadly beveled, slightly concave; S-shaped crack in center. Vertical faceting. Triangle-shaped potter’s mark incised on base, to left. Thin translucent glaze with matte surface, appearing ochre where thin, gray where thick, brown at rim and lower edge; black flecks throughout. Three long drips of translucent iron glaze. Inside glazed.


Sake bottle with pouring spout

Light gray clay. Ash glaze, tinted blue-gray with cobalt; on shoulder, second layer of dark blue cobalt-tinted rice-straw ash glaze streaked with white; clear bluish glaze inside foot rim. Four spur marks (from clay wads) on trimmed foot rim.