Keywords: Seto ware

156 objects

Tea ceremony water jar, hitoeguchi type

Medium gray clay. Flat base trimmed concentrically, edge beveled. Single hoizontal groove incised around midpoint of body, partially hidden by glaze. Iron glaze stopping above foot on outside, just below rim on inside; color ranging from mahogany brown to opaque rust brown where thick, with iridescent surface; splashed with large patches of ash glaze that …


Ofuke or Seto ware sake bottle

Light gray clay. Incised and stamped motifs accented with underglaze cobalt. Oval potter’s seal “Shuntai” impressed on base to left of center. Clear glaze, gray-green in tone, crackled and stained brown by sake. Foot unglazed.


Tea-leaf storage jar with four lugs and “Sobokai” mark

Fine-grained, medium gray clay, darkened on surface by use. Concentrically trimmed base, slightly concave. Four lugs on shoulder. Inscription, “Sobokai,” incised on base. Iron glaze applied by ladle to inverted jar, creating swagged contour; ash glaze appled in thin band only to shoulder, running in irregular trails onto body and breaking, in places on shoulder, …


Container with frog at rim

Light gray clay, darkened on surface by use. Potter’s mark “Shun’u,” without frame, impressed on base to right. Clear ash glaze under copper-green (rusu) glaze streaked with bluish white, forming thick welt just above base. Clear glaze on inside. Relief figure of tiny frog climbing over rim. With ivory lid.


Bowl, Oro-jawan type

Buff clay. Chocolate brown, matte iron glaze mottled with lighter brown; rim dipped into ash glaze, appearing opaque light brown on rim, translucent reddish brown where running down body. Base glazed except for foot rim.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Clay: hard, dense. Dark gray on surface, lighter gray on worn areas around edge of base. Glaze: black and very dark greenish-brown, splashed with yellow. Interior glazed.