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Seto or Mino ware tea bowl

Buff clay concealed by iron wash. Foot trimmed in squared Jian-ware style. Dark brown iron glaze splashed with ash glaze, producing medium and golden brown spots; glaze ends evenly, well above foot. Foot unglazed. Gold lacquer and relief-sprinkled design (takamakie) lacquer repairs.


Temple vase in Shino style

Light gray clay. Thick, creamy white feldspathic glaze, dipped and ladled in multiple layers, crackled. Glaze partially wiped off base; on base, scars from gravel used for stacking.


Tea bowl in Yellow Seto style

Buff clay. Two fingertip indentations in wall. Yellow-toned ash glaze, brushed inside and out with copper and iron pigments. Base unglazed.


Mino ware tea-ceremony water jar in shape of bamboo stem

Buff clay. Trimmed foot rim, slightly concave base. Body gooved to suggest nodes in bamboo stem; lugs (partially missing, repaired with gold lacquer) shaped as trimmed shoots; one “leaf” molded in relief; round bosses around base represent trimmed roots. Transparent yellow ash glaze, stained brown in crackles, with areas of copper-green; brown iron slip on …


Cup, used for lip rouge

Light gray clay. Uneven horizontal stripe of underglaze blue-gray cobalt. Clear glaze, greenish where thick. Inside stained pink by lip rouge (kuchibeni). Inside of foot glazed. Chip in rim under glaze; gold lacquer repairs to chips in rim.


Tea bowl in Oribe style

Buff clay, stained beneath glaze. On outside, underglaze iron painted decoration (which appears gray) of plovers in a “fishnet” lattice. Clear glaze, slightly underfired, crackled, partially wiped off base; narrow panel of copper-green ash glaze on outside, overlapping rim.


Seto ware vase with two lugs

Buff clay. Incised horizontal linear designs; three broad vertical facets on lower body; two ornamental lugs. Amber-toned translucent iron glaze; splashes of rice-straw (unofu) glaze on neck and shoulder, creating areas of yellow-brown edged with blue. Glaze wiped off base.


Vase with large geometric handles

Buff clay. String-cut base. Two handles. Opaque white glaze on upper body and handles, applied in two layers, crackled; thin iron glaze on lower body, partially wiped off lower wall and base. Drips of cobalt blue and iron brown glaze on front, over vertical indentation; accents of iron glaze on handle bosses.


Water jar with design of reeds and water

Buff clay. Iron-bearing slip coating upper surface of rim and used to paint three sprays of bamboo on body under glaze. Cream-colored feldspathic glaze, coarsely crackled, finger wiped and brushed decoratively. Foot rim and base unglazed. Seven spur marks (from clay wads) in bottom; six spur marks on base inside foot rim. Inscription, “uebito” (courtier) …


Tea caddy, nejinuki type

Tea caddy (chaire). Ivory cover. Clay: hard, grayish. String-cut base. Glaze: lustrous black, lightly splashed with greenish-yellow. Interior unglazed. Weight: 167.52 grams.