Keywords: Seto ware

141 objects

Jar with three lugs, for burial of cremated remains

Jar, cylindrical ovoidal; three loop handles one broken. Gold lacquer repairs. Black lacquer cover. Clay: dense, hard, metallic. Glaze: deep cream-yellow, darkening to gray-brown and red-brown; minute reddish crackle. Blackish residue coating interior; remains of residue on exterior.


Seto ware bowl

Buff clay. Chocolate brown, matte iron glaze mottled with lighter brown; rim dipped into ash glaze, appearing opaque light brown on rim, translucent reddish brown where running down body. Base glazed except for foot rim.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Clay: hard, dense. Dark gray on surface, lighter gray on worn areas around edge of base. Glaze: black and very dark greenish-brown, splashed with yellow. Interior glazed.


Serving bowl

Light gray clay. Lappet motif stamped irregularly around outside of rim. Yellow ash glaze, olive-green where thick, stained brown in crackle. Glaze inside foot. Three large spur marks on unglazed foot rim. Large crescent-shaped crack in base. Gold lacquer repairs to lip and vertical cracks in walls.


Seto ware tea bowl in Decorated Shino style

Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. On lower wall, underglaze iron painted decoration of two clusters of schematized grass motifs, partially obscured by glaze. Feldspathic glaze of irregular thickness; stained brown in crackles. Base and foot unglazed.


Mino or Seto ware ewer, used as tea caddy

Light gray clay. String-cut base. Two lugs on shoulder. Iron glaze covering the body nearly to the foot, splashed over shoulder with ash glaze that has matured on one side as translucent amber, streaked with opaque creamy yellow edged with blue. Base coated with iron wash. Inside glazed.


Seto ware jar with stamped decor

Buff clay, stained brown by use on surface and in large areas under glaze. Thrown ridge beneath neck; decorative motifs stamped in two tiers around shoulder, separated by incised double horizontal lines. Translucent glaze ranging from olive to apple green (rusu type) on outside, with dark crackle; clear glaze on inside; glaze wiped off rim …


Vase in Oribe style, probably Seto ware

Buff clay. Wheel-thrown form distorted by vertical slashes made with a blade and by pinching from two opposite sides; base finished by hand. Feldspathic glaze, cream colored where thin, white where thick; splashes of copper-green ash glaze partially reduced to lavender and yellow-green; areas of crawling. Inside glazed; base glazed in concave center, unglazed around …


Plaque with design of scholar

Light gray clay. Underglaze cobalt painted decoration of scholar in bamboo grove gazing over water toward Mount Fuji as attendant prepares tea. Signature, “Ryokichi” [followed by illegible character], on back. Glassy white feldspathic glaze, coarsely crackled and flecked with brown iron spots, oxidizing orange where glaze is thin on base. Thirteen round spur marks on …


Seto ware “white-necked” sake bottle with pouring spout

Light gray clay. Incised vertical lines on neck. Iron glaze, shiny and black where thick, translucent brown where thin; opaque white rice-straw ash (unofu) glaze on neck, running down shoulder. Four spur marks (from clay wads) on glazed slightly concave base.