Keywords: Seto ware

156 objects

Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy (chaire) Ivory cover. String-cut foot, rounded edge. Clay: hard, dense, gray. Dark brown on surface. Glaze: dappled brown and black, splashed with brilliant black and russet-yellow. Interior unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy (chaire) with beveled base. Ivory cover. String-cut foot. Clay: dense, pale gray on interior. Orange flush on surface of walls, medium brown on surface of foot. Glaze: rich, brilliant, reddish-brown and black, with broad splash of neutral orange-yellow. Interior unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Light gray clay. Concentrically trimmed base, slightly concave. Single line incised at waist. Opaque reddish brown iron glaze (“persimmon”); translucent ash glaze, ranging from yellow to brown, applied by trailing over shoulder and body. Inside unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type, Hirosawa mode, with two lids

Light buff clay, concealed by iron wash. String-cut base. Opaque reddish brown iron glaze (“persimmon”); shouler coated with black iron glaze running down fromt of jar to base in three trails. Inside glazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy (chaire), katatsuki shape, with ivory cover. Clay: light, grayish, flushed red in places. String-cut foot. Glaze: brilliant, copper-brown iron glaze, flecked with black, and splashed with ash glaze, yellow edged with black. Interior unglazed.


Tea caddy

Light gray clay. Concentrically trimmed base. Opaque reddish brown iron glaze (“persimmon”), splashed on neck and shoulder with ash glaze ranging from translucent yellow to dark brown. Inside unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Concentrically trimmed base. Thin, dull brown iron glaze, irregularly splashed with yellow ash spots. Inside unglazed. Repairs to rim. Weight: 196.30 grams.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Tea caddy (chaire 茶入) Ivory cover. Clay: hard, grayish. String-cut foot, beveled base. Glaze: iron glaze, glossy and translucent; panel of amber-yellow ash glaze on front. Interior glazed.


Tea bowl

Fine-grained, buff clay. Ash glaze with large irregular crackle, appearing pale yellow-green where thin, olive-green where thicker or pooled in bottom. Foot completely glazed, with circular scar from clay firing ring.