Keywords: Seto ware

156 objects

Individual serving bowl in style of Yellow Seto ware

Individual serving bowl. Clay: hard, ringing, grayish. Glaze: yellow over cream; thin overflows of brownish-olive. Underfired iron-ash glaze. On base, scar of clay ring used for stacking.


Pentagonal incense box in Oribe style

Fine-grained, reddish brown clay. Underglaze painted decoration in white slip and black iron pigment. Clear glaze, milky where thick; copper-green ash glaze on knob. Inside glazed; recessed base unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Light gray clay, dark brown on surface, with stripe of orange oxidation. String-cut base. Iron glaze, ranging from dark molasses to opaque rust brown; individual spots of light brown ash glaze on shoulder, running down body on side exposed to highest temperature during firing. Inside glazed. Dark lacquer repairs on rim.


Five-lobed serving dish with design of thistles

Clay: hard, dense, grayish. Glaze: bright gray, heavily crackled in brown. Cream, crackled, in recess of foot. Shino (feldspathic) glaze. Decoration: in brilliant green, yellow, pink, black, and brown, overglaze enamels: thistles. Seal: in overglaze red enamel, on front.


Tea caddy, katatsuki shape

Tea caddy, katatsuki shape (katatsuki chaire) Clay: hard, grayish white; small stones. Glaze: luminous copper brown, splashed with yellow and black on the shoulder. Interior glazed. Decoration: incised line around mid-body.


Tea caddy

Buff clay, with two areas of orange oxidation near base. String-cut base. Iron glaze, irregularly splashed with ash glaze on one side of shoulder. Inside unglazed.


Tea caddy, nade-katatsuki type

Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Flat, concentrically trimmed base. Single line incised around midpoint of body. Iron glaze, appearing opaque chocolate brown mottled with translucent dark brown, with spots of transparent yellow ash glaze. Inside unglazed.


Tea caddy, katatsuki type

Light brown clay; some bloating. String-cut base. Single horizontal grooves inside neck, on shoulder, and around median of body; faceting around base; multiple vertical slashes of uneven length, concentrated in lower half of body. Thin brown iron wash completely covering outside. Triangle of thin ash glaze on shoulder, running down side in single drip. Inside …



Tea-ceremony water jar (mizusashi). Clay; hard, sonorous, grayish. Glossy brown on surface. Glaze: copper-brown, shading to black; splash of tea-dust green; brilliant, iridescent. Interior of footrim glazed. Interior glazed; four round spur marks in bottom. Decoration: vertical incised ribbing on shoulder.


Vase for Buddhist altar

Light gray clay. Two lion-head-shaped loop handles. Incised decoration on neck and base; molded and hand-formed relief decor of peonies accented with under-glaze cobalt blue. Clear glaze, crackled, yellow-green where thick. Splashed on both sides of neck with opaque bluish white unofu glaze. Clear glaze on inside.