Keywords: Seto ware, Ofuke type

3 objects

Serving dish with design of pine seedling, Seto ware, Ofuke type

Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Decoration of pine seedling incised and painted in blue-gray underglaze cobalt. Line of cobalt painted over incised line on curved sections of rim. Clear glaze, yellow in tone, closely crackled and stained; areas of violet blue opalescence where thick. Foot unglazed. Wear in bottom.


Vase for Buddhist altar

Light gray clay. Two lion-head-shaped loop handles. Incised decoration on neck and base; molded and hand-formed relief decor of peonies accented with under-glaze cobalt blue. Clear glaze, crackled, yellow-green where thick. Splashed on both sides of neck with opaque bluish white unofu glaze. Clear glaze on inside.