Keywords: Seto-related ware

8 objects

Incense burner with design of flowers and vine scrolls

Cylindrical incense burner (koro). Clay: stoneware: hard, dense, grayish. Glaze: transparent, crackled. Interior bottom unglazed. Decoration: in brilliant red, green and lavender-blue enamels, under glaze. Mark: Kenzan, written with cobalt pigment under glaze.


Tea caddy, Oribe type

Light brown clay with brown flecks. String-cut base. Decoration of cross hatching pattern carefully incised or possibly impressed on drum-shaped lower body. Thin, mottled iron-ash glaze, wiped off irregularly well above foot, leaving orange flush; neck and shoulder dipped into glossy brown glaze, running irregularly down body in two streams. Inside unglazed.


Vase in shape of fulling block

Vase in shape of fulling block (kinuta hanaire 砧花入) Lacquer repairs on rim. Clay: hard, dense, gray, reddish on surface. Glaze: brilliant copper-green, crackled, with areas of reduced red. Applied over white slip.


Tea caddy