Keywords: Sawankhalok ware

438 objects

Covered box

Box of globular form with carved footring and a lid with a lotus bud handle. A loss on the rim of the box. A black circular scar from tubular kiln support on the base. Clay: light grey stoneware with black specks. An orange flush on the base where exposed during the firing process. Glaze: transparent …


Bottle with cup-shaped mouth

Bottle of globular form with cup-shaped mouth, splayed foot and recessed base. A circular scar from a tubular kiln support on the base. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: dark brown with bluish patches, opaque, low gloss, crazed, pinholes in the surface of the glaze; thickly applied and falls short of the lower body, foot and base …



Small jar with tall straight neck, globular body, and flat base. Clay: buff with brown and black speckles. Glaze: milky, thin, ending unevenly below shoulder; interior and base unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze iron; two lines below rim; two lines on shoulder and two lines below shoulder, framing panel of circles and undulating line. Mark: none. …