Keywords: rice-straw-ash glaze

36 objects

Sake bottle with pouring spout

Light gray clay. Ash glaze, tinted blue-gray with cobalt; on shoulder, second layer of dark blue cobalt-tinted rice-straw ash glaze streaked with white; clear bluish glaze inside foot rim. Four spur marks (from clay wads) on trimmed foot rim.


Jar, possibly Seto ware

Kuan-shape jar. Old repair on rim. Clay: hard, dense, gray-white. Glaze: mottled reddish-orange with flowing splash of gray-green, yellow-gray, light blue and violet; crackled. Inside: thin, dark bream. Four long fissures. Base unglazed.


Freshwater jar (mizusashi) with cover

Stoneware water jar with yellow glaze and cylindrical handles, black lacquered wooden cover with ring handle. With inscribed wooden storage box.




Shallow bowl with straight side, flared rim, carved footring and unglazed ring cut at interior bottom. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: straw, transparent, crazed, glossy. Decoration: none.