Keywords: Restored Later Le dynasty (1533 - 1782)

84 objects

Jar with four horizontal lugs and incised decoration

Jar of ‘olive’ form with tapered neck towards wide mouth with rounded rim, coarse flat base. Four horizontal grooved lug-handles with moulded circular ends on shoulder. Clay: brown stoneware. Glaze: iron blackish brown with lustre, mottled, glossy, opaque; blistering caused possibly by gases escaping from the clay or glaze during firing. Decoration: four moulded circular …


Bottle with combed decoration used as a lime-paste pot

Small globuar bottle with shell scars on the body; full of lime. Clay: dark grey stoneware. Glaze: brown iron glaze. Decoration: rows of incised rings on the shoulder.



Beaker with straight sides, slightly flared rim and rounded base. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: clear with greenish tinge, transparent, glossy; rim base unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze blue with a band of classic scroll below rim, a wide band of floral scroll on body, overlapping lotus petals above foot.


Covered box

Covered box with six molded lobes. Clay: pale gray stoneware. Glaze: on outside, translucent whitish glaze appearing yellowish over most of the surface; on inside, clear glaze appearing olive green where pooled. Foot unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt: in center of lid, eight-petalled flower enclosed by six radiating petal shapes, filled alternately with geometric and …


Peach-shaped vessel

Miniature peach-shaped vessel


Flat jar

Flat bottle with three cartouches


Covered box in the form of a bird

Covered box in the form of a bird, with modeling on the lid and added head. Clay: stoneware, pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, colorless. Decoration: in cobalt pigment under the glaze, detailing the head, back, and wings of the bird and adding breast feathers and legs. Mark: none.