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Pillow in the form of a tortoise

Pillow in the form of a tortoise, head turned upward, the feet shown in paddling motion. The carapace hexagonal plates are modelled, the divisions incised. The shell is surmounted by a narrow concave head-rest with lobed ends and a small hole in the center, on a base decorated with a carved scroll. This element, the …


First volume of a Tarikhnama (Book of history) by Bal’ami (died ca. 992-997)

Manuscript; Tarikhnama (Book of history) by Bal’ami, volume I; Persian in black naskh script; headings in red; 193 folios and 3 end leaf with 1 unwan (folio 1 verso), 30 paintings (1 recto, 14 verso, 37 verso, 42 verso, 47 verso, 54 verso, 62 verso, 68 verso, 75 verso, 79 verso, 83 verso, 90 verso, …


Luohans Moving Through Forests and Sea

In this painting two luohan crossing the sea, one riding a dragon and another a turtle, are greeted by an emperor-like figure holding a scholar’s tablet, bowing in respect. A servant carries a tripod vessel on his head as a gift. The scroll ends with three women at the door of an underwater palace.