Keywords: reign mark

10 objects

Small dish, fragment of base and rim

Small dish, fragment of base and rim. Clay: porcelain. Glaze: clear. Decoration: in cobalt decoration under the glaze. Inside rim divided by wavy line; to one side floral vinescrolls, to other pine branches. Linear vinecsroll around the rim outside. Reign mark and sticker.


Bowl with design of Daoist Immortals and Shou Lao

Blue and white porcelain bowl, decorated with Daoist immortals and Shou Lao riding on a crane in a continuous landscape on the exterior, the interior with a medallion of an immortal holding a peach, the rim with a key fret border and edged in brown. Six-character Jiajing reign mark on foot.



Dish, low open shape, curved cavetto, narrow wedge-shaped foot. Clay: white porcelain, smooth texture. Glaze: transparent, feldspathic, slight aqua tint, edge of foot-rim unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze cobalt blue with conventionalized lotus and leafy scroll design in large central medallion, reverse of cavetto, and narrow band at lip inside. Encircling double lines define each …



Dish: low with curved sides, slightly everted rim, low narrow foot, four spur scars in glaze of base. Clay: white porcelain of medium fine texture. Glaze: clear, feldspathic, slight aquamarine tint (especially noticeable in border), slight orange-skin surface texture. Edge of foot-rim unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze cobalt blue in outline and graded washes, and …



Stem bowl with cover

Blue-and-white. Clay: fine grained white porcelain. Glaze: transparent. Decoration: in underglaze blue, floral scrolls between conventional borders; 6-character mark in main band on bowl.


Writer’s box

Monochrome – celadon. Body: fine white porcelain. Glaze: transparent, pale celadon green. Decoration: delicate slip painting of dragon among clouds on top, interlocking scrolls on sides; incised thunder pattern on sides of cover. Reign mark on base.