Keywords: red pigment

43 objects

Vessel with round bottom

Earthenware vessel with globular base, long neck and wide flaring rim. Bands of red pigment painted above shoulder and below rim; design painted in red pigment on exterior of rim; red pigment on interior of rim.



Earthenware vessel with burnished red slip on exterior.


Vessel on pedestal foot

Earthenware vessel with pedestal foot and everted rim, with red painted spiral designs overall.


Vessel on pedestal foot

Earthenware globular vessel with pedestaled foot and flared rim. Red and white painted spiral design on body and red paint in interior.


Vessel with round pottom

Buff earthenware vessel with carinated body, round base, and wide neck. Designs on body painted with red pigment; neck coated with red pigment.


Vessel with round bottom

Ovoid vessel with wide neck and everted rim. Body bears curvilinear and geometric designs in red pigment on a white slip background. Neck and rim are coated with red pigment.


Vessel with round base

Red painted spiral design on globular base; flared rim with design.


vessel with round base

Earthenware vessel with red painted spiral designs; flared rim.