Keywords: red pigment

43 objects

Vessel on pedestal foot

Cylindrical red and white painted vessel with flared rim.


Vessel on pedestal base

Cylindrical earthenware vessel with red and white horizontal striped painted designs.


Bowl on pedestal foot (pastiche)

Shallow dish with wide base and everted flattened rim (Ban Kao tradition), attached to pedestal foot (Ban Chiang tradition). Pastiche. Clay: buff earthenware. Decoration: on foot only, incised motifs filled with red pigment.


Vessel on pedestal base (pastiche)

Globular polychrome vessel with everted rim and pedestal foot. Red and buff swirling bands and lines throughout. Interior of rim painted red.


Bowl on pedestal foot

Earthenware vessel with pedestal and red painted curvilinear designs on base and rim. Long stemmed and flared base.


Vessel with round bottom

Large red-on-buff earthenware vessel with large hole in bottom that appears to be an intentional part of the object’s design .


Vessel on pedestal foot

Earthenware pedestaled vessel with red painted spiral designs with constricted neck and slightly flaring rim.


Vessel with round bottom

Globular vessel with red and white painted swirl design, constricted neck and everted rim.